About Us

The Bangalore Orthopaedic Society is a professional association for Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeons in Bangalore and for those who are outside Bangalore, but continue to show interest in the affairs of the Association. Alongside its traditional focus on research and on promotion of the highest clinical and ethical standards, the Society and its members aim to increase understanding of orthopaedics and trauma, not only among its members but also among the general public, who are the ultimate beneficiaries. The head quarters of BOS is situated in Bangalore.

The History of BOS 

Aims and Objectives



The History of BOS

The History of Orthopaedics in Bangalore dates back to 1956, when Dr. H K Srinivas Murthy established the Department of Orthopaedics in Victoria Hospital attached to Bangalore Medical College. Later by 1960-64, others joined as lecturers after post graduate qualification mostly from AIIMS, New Delhi and K.G. Medical College Lucknow. By 1980 a few private Orthopaedic surgeons opened their practices and were practicing Orthopaedic surgery in various hospitals, like St. Marthas, St. Philomina Hospital.

Taking cue from clinical proceedings of Bombay Orthopaedic Society, few of them lead by Dr V Hanumanthaiah met at medical association lecture hall on a cup of tea and discussed the formation of Bangalore Orthopaedic Society in 1986. The BOS was formed ultimately with Dr V Hanumanthaiah as the founder chairman. The society used to meet once every 2 months at various teaching hospitals and discuss difficult and rare cases on a dinner hosted by pharmaceutical companies. A few years later the society was registered with registrar Government of Karnataka and full fledged office bearers were elected as Dr. V. H. Hanumanthaiah as President, Dr. N. Krishnappa, as Secretary, and 5 executive committee members.

Bangalore Orthopaedic Society continued to meet though, a bit irregularly up till then and the meetings were changed to monthly and many of the colleagues in private colleges started attending these meetings, and a minimal fee of Rs. 30/- per year was fixed. With this fee it was possible to meet communication expenses to send meeting notices to various hospitals but the hospitality remained with pharmaceutical companies. Dr V Hanumanthaiah continued as president with Dr N Krishnappa as the secretary for 12 continuous years. Deliberations of the monthly meetings were well attended and many C.M.E.s were being held in addition to social service in the form of Orthopaedic treatment for disabled persons and other Orthopaedic diseases. The highlight of their tenure was organizing the IOACON in 1994 at Bangalore, the success and standards of which are still talked about and remains as gold standard. The contribution of IOACON to BOS is the site at Koramangala. It has been proposed to build BOS Bhavan in this site once the legal issues are settled.

From the year 2000 the office bearers are elected every year during Annual BOS conferences. 

Aims and Objectives

  • To promote, encourage and advance the development of the Science of Orthopaedics.
  • To promote, organize, encourage and support research in orthopaedics.
  • To promote, organize, encourage and support programme pertaining to the diagnosis and treatment of handicapped.
  • To organize meetings, seminars, symposia, lectures, discourses and progrmmes for education, knowledge and awareness of general public in respect of orthopaedic problems.
  • To establish research units in the field of the orthopaedics.
  • To establish meaningful inter-relationship between hospitals and / or institutions specializing in orthopaedic surgery and / or research and the diverse teaching institutions.
  • To establish closer contact and co-ordination between hospitals dealing in orthopaedic surgery concerned with the orthopaedic treatment.
  • To Print and /or publish and/or sell papers, documents, magazines, periodicals, journal, books, brochures and other medical literature pertaining to orthopaedic surgery.
  • To advise and suggest training of medical and papra medical personnel required in orthopaedic treatment and physically handicapped.
  • To form organization and / or institution constituting of qualified medical practitioners, scientists and/or scientific workers directly and/or indirectly involved in the treatment of physically handicapped.
  • Dividends and profits shall not be distributed among the members and same shall be utilized for welfare of the Association.


  • Membership of the Association shall be open to all persons who have post graduate qualification in Orthopaedic Surgery
  • In addition there shall be following classes of members, where ever in clause of member. The person admitted shall have completed 18 yrs of age.
  • Life Member: Any person, qualified for full membership may become a life of the Association on payment of Rs. 1000/- as fees.
  • Hon. Member: Any person who is interested in the welfare of the Association may be elected as an Hon. Member by the General body.
  • Associate Member: A Person not belonging to any of the above categories, but belonging to medical or Para Medical Profession may be admitted as an Associate Member. Post graduate students in Orthopaedics may be admitted as Associate Members.
  • Application for admission to the full membership and Associate Membership of the Association shall be made to the Executive committee in writing accompanied by the payment of subscription fees for such membership. Executive committee shall accept such membership if deemed fit and get it approved by the succeeding general body.
  • Candidates for all categories of Membership shall be sponsored by two full members of the Association.
  • The executive committee shall have power and discretion to reject any application for membership on such terms and conditions as the Execution Committee may deem fit and proper and get it approved by the succeeding General body.
  • The General Body from time to time shall fix such Subscription or very it for the different categories of the membership of the Association as the general body may deem fit and proper. All annual subscriptions shall be payable in advance on the 1st day of January in every year, save and except that the annual subscription of a person admitted to membership shall be payable along with his application for membership and such payment shall always be for the entire year irrespective of the month of admission.
  • A Members name may be deleted from the list of members; 
    a. On his/her submission of resignation in writing to the Association. 
    b. On his/her death
    c. On his/her failure to pay the annual subscription for more than 2 yrs from the date it becomes due. 
    d. On his/her membership being cancelled by a resolution passed by the General body. 
    e. On him/her being expelled from the Association by the general body on any other ground deemed fit.
  • A member expelled under the aforesaid rules may be reinstated by a resolution passed at a meeting of the general body at which atleast � of the members present at such a meeting shall vote for reinstation.
  • Any person ceasing to be member of the association, for any reasons shall nevertheless remain liable to pay all annual subscription and other sums payable by him at the date of his ceasing to be a member.
  • The association shall cause to be kept a register in which shall be entered. 
    a. Name of each member. 
    b. The address given in the application and 
    c. The class of Membership in which the enrollment is effected.
  • Every member shall forthwith notify to the secretary any change of address. The address registered shall be the registered address of the member and shall be the address to which all notices intended for such a member shall be sent unless such a notice is published in newspapers in accordance with the provisions of these rules.



The BOS holds an annual scientific meeting to advance knowledge and practice in the field of orthopaedic and trauma surgery. It jointly organizes other national and international conferences


As a part of continuing orthopaedic education (COE) the BOS conducts regular monthly meetings on the last Sunday of every month. The BOS also conducts regular Courses/Symposia/Hands on workshops etc in various subspecialties in Orthopaedics. (Please refer to calendar of events for details)

Establish Committees 

To advance the aims of the Association and to respond to issues raised by members. 

Freshly proposed activities (from the year 2008)

Multi Centric Trials 

To organize/conduct meaningful and relevant multi centric trials of highest clinical and ethical standards. 

Joint Registry 

To maintain one common registry of all the joint replacements done by the members. 

Musculo Skeletal Tumor registry 

To maintain one common registry of all the Musculo skeletal tumors reported/treated by the members