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Dear BOS Members and Friends,

Having taken over as President of the Bangalore Orthopaedic Society, on behalf of our Team BOS 2019/2020, we will strive hard to raise all round standards of BOS.

I am thankful for BOS for having elected me unanimously after I have served earlier as Treasurer and Secretary, & of course having organized BOSCONs as Secretary & Treasurer earlier.

Of course from last year’s President Dr. Bharath Raju, theme of “Together – We Will”, which we did and are continuing, this year’s theme will be : 3i = Ideate, Innovate and Inspire, an idea & inspiration from Dr Naresh Shetty towards innovations.

BOS has been taken to great heights by all our past Presidents and Office Bearers. There are several areas to be continued, improved and new innovative ideas to be brought in to inspire one and all.

With this, I expect to strengthen the platform of BOS for all its members in its all-round developments from academics, charity, spread of knowledge of recent advances from basics, improvement of skills with the help of skill labs like the RALC (Ramaiah Advanced Learning Centre), Fellowships/ observerships, etc.

With a large number of members and a dream of having our own permanent address, the site committee should be able to bring about concrete results this year.

Dr. Bharath Raju’s initiation of “Young Scholars’ Programme” will be continued and expanded from observerships to fellowships. Already we have initiated and started 3 fellowships, 2 for Ilizarov and one for Spine in our Dept. at Ramaiah Medical College and Hospitals. A few guidelines are made for the same and Institutions and members can come forward to us for the same as earlier, like a Fellowship should be minimum of 6 months & anything less than this from a week / two weeks / one month or so, will be called as observership only. Hence anyone interested to have any Fellows / Observers under them or their institutes under general / specific specialities can contact us to get this through BOS.

Continuing all earlier activities of BOS, we will innovate and ideate to inspire.

Yes, Together - We Will” - last year’s President Dr. Bharath Raju, Secretary Dr. T.S. Channappa and Team, who have done immense work to lift up BOS as also our earlier Presidents and teams, I call upon all members to participate in our monthly meetings on Sundays, BOSCON 2020 in end of March and also an overseas winter meeting in association with KOA.

Best Regards.

Long Live BOS.

Dr. Harshad M Shah


BOS 2019-2020

Past President ASAMI INDIA

IOA: CWC Member (PG Training)


Sr. Prof of Orthopaedics